Leaders Nurture Other Leaders

“I start with the premise… that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”

Ralph Nader

How many of you have a boss?

How many of them are looking to promote you over them?

It may be conjecture, but I suspect it is less than a few percent (possibly as low as 0.1%!).

The thing is those people that have climbed the greasy pole think it their job to keep you land-locked bearing the same title to the one you have worked so hard to win. All they are in doing is limiting your development.

[Are you happy with that…?]

Of course, this impacts the wider issue of the corporate structure. As things stand – build up them Pyramids – there are only so many leadership positions to go round.

We all know that people are your biggest asset, but no business I ever ‘worked’ at was prepared to break with tradition, and get the very best out of its people.

At best, they made the working conditions bearable; but none of them set out with the avowed intention of promoting every single person as far as they wanted to and were capable of progressing. If anything, quite a few seemed to think it was the job of management to keep people down.

For those people in a position to lead, your #1 priority should be to stretch everyone to achieve their ultimate, amazing potential.

Talent development:

Nurture it

Embrace it

Promote it.

Leaders creating more leaders.

What a legacy.

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