Let your children be

We tell our children to do their best, try harder, to persevere.

For what?

To get something?


A better life than us?

The same life as us?

Or something else?

Questions, questions, always more bloody questions.

But I’m serious. I mean, I’ve got three children and I’m damn sure, at times, I’ve (negligently) adopted the same meme.

But it’s all nonsense.

Sure, we can try to guide, to inform, to even direct but at some stage, your children and mine will have to stand on their own two feet.

And then what?

They get a job or start a business or do nothing.

But you don’t will any of this.

They do.

Actually, they don’t will this. It just ‘is’ — as hard as that is to accept or fathom.

In that space — letting them be 100% who they are, no matter how painful that is — life unfolds.

If, on the other hand, they don’t live our story we and they suffer.

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