Letting go

The world is awash in information but most of it — from my purview — adds f- all to what we already know.

And we know, despite what we may think, one hell of a lot.

The trouble is, we don’t trust our instincts. In fact, we’re always looking for the next ‘new’ thing in the hope that we’ll be changed.

We never are.

Write down what you know.

All of it.

You’ll be surprised at the distance of travel.

And then ask yourself what you want to change.

Any of it?

But then again, even if you don’t buy this meme, and you decide to add more knowledge to your treasue trest, what happens then?

Trust me, life is not about accretion but letting go.

Of course it feels scary as hell but it’s like the apocryphal story of the monk who sat before the zen master who told him that whilst his cup was full of thinking, he’d never understand what it meant to grow into the person s/he already was — i.e. to become enlightened.

Is that you?

You need to know more but only because you don’t trust to what you already are?

Deep bows.

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