Life is a gift

Sit with that — the gift that is life.

It only comes once — or that’s what I believe — and yet…?

And yet, what?


Think how much time we waste doing the wrong things — or so we tell ourselves. In my case, I think of all the jobs I’ve done with no purpose save of course the money imperative. Or should that say the moral imperative?

Then again, that was then, this is now.

Yes, I know, it’s positively yawn-worthy, but it’s all we’ve got, right?

Imagine that. This moment — the moment I typed these words — could be it. Or sipping a cup of coffee, or speaking to a love one, or fighting off the ennui of another day sitting in front of a computer, or, well, whatever it is that fills up our time.

Perhaps I’m making too much of this life thing. I mean, it’s not like we’ve got a choice or certainly not as much we’d like to think.

But then again, the older I get the more I come to realise the blend of spirit, soul and love that is life and how precious, how vaulted it truly is. Of course, living up to or into that is very hard, given, in particular, we’re so easily distracted by a multitude of things.

But we should at least try.

Again, much to ponder as I navigate another day here at my wee desk in Devon trying to make sense of a world I feel at times so out of sorts with.

Take care.

Blessings and much love.

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