Life is not easy

We’re here.

We didn’t get a choice.

And then?

We’ve to make sense of it all.


Mostly by being told what to do or following a well-worn path.

But just look at the tremendous angst, grief and loss.

It never ends.

And in this space, sadly, we fall prey to the charlatans, gurus, teachers or best-selling authors who are desperate to sell us on their brand of perfection.

From my perspective, this cornucopia of escapism denudes us of the ability to consider what’s really going on and, if we’re not careful, we move through the world on auto-pilot without paying attention to everything that’s arising.

If only we’d stop and ask ourselves the question:

What is this?

And I don’t just mean the tendentious, worried and avaricious thinking that we pay attention to on a daily basis but everything that’s happening here and now.

No, instead, we’d prefer to live in the land of hope.

Yes, that’s right. There’s always something better to look forward to.


Good luck with that one.

What I’m inviting is not new. In fact, in various guises from the non-dual, to the Buddhist, to the Taoist, to the secular, it’s been said many times before but the point is, all it’s inviting is for you to question your actual experience of whatever is arising. But it’s hard when you’ve been conditioned to believe: a) that the words describe the things that you’re looking at; b) your thoughts are true; and c) there is a separate, identifiable me somewhere inside of you.

What if all those things were a lie?

What then?

Don’t worry, you’d still function and navigate the world but perhaps there might arise a different experience.

I doubt it.

We’re simply too far down the rabbit hole of conditioning to let go of decades worth of addiction.

Sorry, that sounds a little tendentious but if we’re not willing to question something more than why we’re never happy, then my message will seem so out of whack with (your) reality that I’d be surprised if you didn’t leave me a message here or on Tweet saying that I’ve lost the friggin’ plot.

The thing is I could regale you with my backstory and tell you all about the wrong turns I’ve taken (there’s plenty of evidence on this site) but that’s not important. What is important to say, unequivocally, is that this is all there is. There is nothing else. It’s free, unbounded and isn’t going anywhere or need anything. It’s the formless being form; or the form being formless. Frankly, words will never describe something that’s so far outwith the ken of our ordinary experience to not or never be understood.


— Julian