Life is…

..simple; but we insist (don’t ask me why) on making it as complicated as possible.

Get up; breathe.


Do something meaningful.

Share your love; and be loved.

Find connection with someone or something.



Write a few words, or draw or sit and do…nothing.



Of course, this is oh-so-dull by comparison to our always on, have-it-at-all-at-any-cost society. But you don’t have to go very far — in time or geography — to realise that this simple way of life still exists. And if my experience is anything to go by (stretched out over 52 years), people were a lot, lot happier.

In the end, as I’ve said a few times (and is a direct quote from the film “Fight Club”), “What you own ends up owning you”, and that includes a plethora of dreams, ambitions and goals that those in the know proselytize ad nauseum and we seem to inject without demur. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps it suits their agenda.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if, what you’ve built of your life, is a hindrance for a kinder, simpler life or an anchor that will forever endure despite the highs and the many lows that are part of the rich tapestry of life.

Have a great Monday.

Deep bows.

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

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