Living a life of meaning

“The mind is always either in the past or in the future. It cannot be in the present, it is absolutely impossible for the mind to be in the present. When you are in the present, the mind is there no more – because mind means thinking. How can you think about the present.”

Osho, Living Dangerously

Now is all we have.

And yet…

We wait: retirement, a pension, the right job, the weekend.

But living for now isn’t about doing, doing, doing.

It’s about seeing within. Appreciating what we have. And tuning out from the vicissitudes of life.

But even living for now may not go far enough. Even at that moment, our mind is working at constantly creating images, thoughts and mind projections of what might be, what has been and what is.

Have you ever thought what no mind would feel like? (Even that sounds contradictory – how you can you have no mind and experience a sensation?)

Surely our higher purpose is to come alive to who we are? But in the process that means undoing our age-old conditioning, non-striving for material wealth (or even happiness) and just allowing things to be.

When I came to the world of personal development, I read a bushel of books. When it came to the mind, all of them said the same thing – think about what you want and great things will come to you. I lived in that world for a long time. But, in the end, it left me feeling exactly the same: “Is this it?”

Since taking up meditation, understanding more about Zen and the duality of our thinking, I’ve come to the realisation that when Osho said “Be. Drop becoming” he wasn’t inviting a life of lack or poverty – physical or otherwise – but to awaken to our true self.

For me, this journey is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I know that if all I do is continue to pursue the dream that, in the end, I will awaken to the same realisation of the idea of success.

On the other hand, to become who we truly are, we have to be prepared to let go, abandon our preconceived notions of success and happiness and exist for now.

Everything else is an illusion.

Coming alive to our true self is something that many people never consider beyond the great battle of life. But if we are to love, find peace and truth, then it won’t come through the constant (mental) striving for more.




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