Living for the moment

Yes, but which moment? Yours, or someone else’s?

The heading seems easy to understand (notice I didn’t say straightforward) and there is no shortage of material telling us to live for now, stop putting things off and live a prosperous and happy life. Trouble is the “moment” isn’t always ours to control.

It’s OK for Jack Black to say “stick it to the man” but I wonder how many of us would be comfortable telling the boss that we can’t do that job no more because my Inner (sometimes delusional) Voice is telling me to make the most of the day and that don’t mean showing up, going through the motions and collecting the pay check at the end of each month.

May be the expression should be doctored: living for 6am-9am and 9pm-11pm but isn’t that a sell out? What the part-time journey man/woman?

If you have lived for the moment then how have you accomplished that with a 9 to 5 existence? I certainly feel that the moment is dulled to the point where sometimes it is easier to fall back on an existence­­­­­ or just getting through the day. Remember I said it was easy not straightforward.

If you do have a philosophy on this then please share it. You never know you might have the makings of the next super brand for self development of which I am insanely passionate devotee.


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