Living out your purpose

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s an idea of great antiquity: establishing your purpose, and living it.

But we never do.

The money sees to it.

Always the damn money.

I remember listening to Alan Watts’ exhortation to live your life “…as if money was no object”. You know, to do the one thing that lies deepest in your heart which you do because you have no choice.

How many people live that way?

Very few.

Think back to your school days. Everyone was apt to tell you that your goal was to do something (eventually) that made you happy. Of course, they never articulated the money paradigm other than to force you to take lots of meaningless exams in the hope it would put you in and hopefully ahead of the pack.

But it’s all BS.

Instead, their religion should have been to encourage you to fail faster.

Only in that way would you ever come to a place in life to understand what really matters.

Stuck in a rut, as so many people are, then you’ll live life forward in the hope that when you eventually escape the ‘rat race’ you’ll be free to find your purpose.

But it never works out that way.

Right now, I’m once again struggling with this conundrum. I know what I want to do but of course I’ve arrived at a position where the money dictates my actions, not my purpose.

Yes, I do have one.

To create.

I know that sounds whimsical but I can’t better the description.

Of course, as Bukowski said, I’d love to have the courage to “go all the way” (see below) but whilst my family needs me, I’m not able to commit beyond the time I give to blogging, podcasting and poetry.

Thankfully for now it’s enough.

I’m acutely aware that my time is limited and however I weave my argument there will come a point where I’ll have to let go, fully.

If I don’t then I’ll never know what I’m truly capable of…

One day.

Take care.