Losing myself in the creative process

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

“Making art

My definition of art contains three elements:

1. Art is made by a human being.
2. Art is created to have an impact, to change someone else.
3. Art is a gift. You can sell the souvenir, the canvas, the recording… but the idea itself is free, and the generosity is a critical part of making art.

By my definition, most art has nothing to do with oil paint or marble. Art is what we’re doing when we do our best work.” — Seth Godin

I’m lost (again…) in the creative process.

My aim for 2019: make more stuff.

Right now, I’m back to practising Spencerian script. I’m not sure if I want to get so good I can look like this but I do want to improve my writing to go alongside other projects that I’ve got in mind — e.g. travel journaling.

I’m also back to daily sketching; my first love is pen and ink.

And then there’s the idea to bring together my love of collage and pen and ink. This was something I did as a kid and loved it.

You might ask, why I want to create? Why do I even bother?

Because, it’s always been closest to who I am. Or, put it another way. When I create, I lose myself in the work — that bloody monkey mind!

I know, aged 51, that it’s really too late to think I might do something with this desire but that’s not my aim. All I want to do is to find something where I don’t have to try. If there’s too much Resistance, then I know, despite my best intentions, I’ll quit.

In time, I hope to share some of my work through micro.blog and Instagram. I’m ashamed to say that I’m not short of materials; you know the drill: all the gear no idea.

I don’t know if there are any other lawyers who are similarly interested, but I’d love to connect with anyone who’s willing to share their passion for creation, in whatever guise that arises.



Photo by Anders Nord on Unsplash

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