My love of Soundcloud

I stumbled across this mix (see below) yesterday on Soundcloud, and I was blown away.

Whether or not electronic music is your thing, it’s a couple of hours of the most amazing ambient sounds; and, if like me, you’re always looking for something to bring inspiration to your work — which music does in spades — then you won’t be disappointed.

In terms of genre, it’s difficult to know where to place it (I’m sure there are a few smimilar artists — Portishead?), but one thing I know about Soundcloud is that as more artists discover it, we will start to see a better streaming and curation service, and probably something closer to Spotify. But I hope that they don’t depart too much from the current format ‘cos I love it.

But it’s so much more than a platform for recording artists. It’s a fantastic podcasting service. And when I say ‘fantastic’, I don’t just mean that it looks and feels great, I mean that it works. I can’t recall a single occasion, in one hundred plus podcasts,  where I had problems uploading material or sharing what I produced.

Right now, particularly as regards Twitter, you have to consider the integration and reach of your content. One hundred and forty characters is hardly short — it can still get you into trouble or share a powerful message – but integrate it with sound or the spoken word and the World becomes a different place.

Next time you think about blogging or how to get your message heard, why don’t you have a look at Soundcloud and give it a go.

Enjoy your day.