Make it easy ….

… to buy.

The legal services market is changing at an alarming rate, even though culturally it is riven with problems in adaptation.

Hardly a day goes by without some alert or breaking news about another challenge or competitor emerging.

If firms want to survive they have to make the process of buying as easy as possible. This does not mean pouring all their effort into a packaged service or even an on-line proposition. No it means make it easy for people to understand what they are buying and to buy it.

Think differently – think on the outer limits of your offering but come up with something that your buyers can readily understand. Some firms have moved in this direction with fixed pricing and standardised service offerings but that is not enough.

In the brave new world of legal services, it will be those providers that make it easy that will win the war.

If you want an example of this think of Amazon’s great one click purchase mechanism. I love it. Sure it doesn’t require a whole host of input but don’t let that deflect you considering something equally as appealing.

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