make time to think

Thinking RFID

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The weekend is an opportunity to recharge your batteries.

But more than that is the freedom it gives you to think.

Perhaps you don’t have a lot of time, but just breaking the work routine is enough for you to:

focus on your life

focus on your family

focus on your relationships

and what is important.

It doesn’t take long though for that quiet space to be dislocated with another frenetic Monday.

I am no student of mindfulness, but making time to think is incredibly important.

The daily ritual.

The rushed commute.

The perfunctory lunch.

The ceaseless demands of the job.

Your routine has to work for you.

But you shouldn’t serve it; you should be its master.

Make time to think, even if it means breaking a time-honoured tradition.

The possibility is immense.

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