My Blog: What Comes Next?

I have delayed posting my blog today.

To be honest, I was unsure if I would post anything.

In the last few weeks, I have thought carefully about the format, timing and engagement. One aspect that I continue to struggle with is the need for daily blogging.

Why do I keep doing it?

In the main, because it helps me think, but, at this moment in time, I feel I need to go deeper on a few, more important issues, and that may mean I stop daily blogging, at least for a while.

Having surveyed the landscape the blogs that I keep returning to are the ones that leave a lasting impression, make the think differently and inspire me. As much as I admire Seth Godin‘s prolific output, I am not trying to copy his approach but rather create my one unique voice.

It may be self-aggrandising, but I also feel I need to need to engage with a wider audience. Just because I practised as a lawyer doesn’t mean that my experience is limited to professional services.

The words that continues to inspire me is that quoted by Michael Gerber in his book the E-Myth Revisited:

“To become what we truly are.”


If I can, in some small way, engage and build on those words, with a body of work that inspires others, then I will feel that I have gone some way to answering the questions that continue to possess me each day.

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