My blogging journey

Blogging isn’t easy both in the doing and understanding the myriad factors that make up a successful blog.

Whilst there are some excellent repositories of ‘How To’ information (I like Lorelle on WordPress), the only way that you will learn your craft is to diligently apply yourself.

More than that, you needĀ fortitude, grit and oodles of passion.

However, the problem is the problem; namely that too many people are seduced into thinking that ipso facto blogging = a return on investment – a.k.a.Ā “Show me the money.”

It doesn’t. And, perhaps, that’s why so many people start and give up!

My blogging journey is hardly exceptional, but I maintain a blog for the people just like you whose life could be significantly greater.Ā In short, I write to provide you with my experience. I write to provide you with the sum total of what I have learned from all the failed career experiments that I have thrashed away at over the years.Ā I write to save you from the countless wasted hours you might spend, to avoid the stress that eats away at your soul and the unnecessary pain from trying to crack career or life success.

Let me repeat. I write so that you might see the stunning accomplishments that are waiting for you, if only you will see them.

It has taken me a long while to reach this point but I’m more committed than ever to extending my reach, making the connection and earning a living from my niche.

You will see over the coming months a more structured approach to my blogging, longer pieces, at least one Manifesto and a more diverse range of content.

For those people who have stayed the journey, I’m eternally grateful. For those people new to the blog, I very much welcome your comments, and I’m always pleased to hear from you.

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