Nailing our colours

But we seldom do.


We’re so easily distracted.

First this.

Then that.

Some might say, that’s life…

Is it?

No, I’m serious. I’m deadly serious. Is it (your) life?

Instead, what if we (re)discovered our passion and applied ALL OF IT in pursuit of the one thing that could or should make the biggest difference to our life and those we serve?

No. We wouldn’t do that.

It comes with too much risk.

Instead, we’d want a certain outcome. That’s why we copy everyone else. Especially those that espouse ‘success’.

Hell, when I look back on my own life, most of it has been wasted pursuing all the wrong things. Even if there were moments where I captured the heat of my passion, it never lasted.

And now?

I could hunker down and work for the next twenty years and it would be OK-ish. But it wouldn’t be me. And when I say ‘me’, what I’m really referring to is that yearning to be something more. Not in an egoic sense, but to escape this life for something beyond the ken of my limited understanding of this world to the one I continue to feel in the deepest, most profound sense.

Undoubtedly, at some stage, it will mean leaving my geographical and spiritual environs for something much more real. Of course, it scares the life out of me in thinking about abandoning what I’ve got, for something unknown, but on the other hand, if I value my life, I’ve no choice.

This could just be another story I’ve invented to escape reality — and I’ve no way of knowing — but something tells me, the longer I put things off the more likely it is I’ll live a life of not-very-quiet despair and that’s never a good place to be.

Again, this brings me back to that slightly worn-out expression/saying:

“Be — drop becoming.” — Osho

You know: less striving, more arriving; less angst, more liberation; less anger, more grace.

Take care.