for as long as i can remember i have found peace in nature.

the land

the birds

the insects

the animals

the rain

the ice

the snow

the Moors

but most of all the solitude.

i am blessed where i live. i can, at a moment’s notice, escape to the country; frankly if i didn’t have the space, i don’t know what i would do.

i am concerned though.

very concerned.

we don’t love nature enough to treat it with the respect, reverence and blessing that it demands.

we take too much for granted.

the future isn’t about how much more we can take from the planet, but how much we can conserve.

just think of the waste:




things that we are bored with.

my grandparents, out of necessity, lived a simple life; but in doing so it made them who they were. they didn’t complain. they didn’t ask for anything; and they loved the blessing of family, a meal and the pleasure of each other’s company.

just imagine a world where we all tried to live with less?

and to be at peace with what we have, rather than striving for more.

there is great inequity in the world: we hoard, live our lives and expect that something or something else will come along to lift us out of …?

nature doesn’t have to be found in the great outdoors. even in our great Cities we see examples of urbanisation of our species.

i know that the future lies in living not just within our means but living much closer to nature.

just imagine a world without soil, clean water or fresh air?

it might seem remote, but if we go on consuming with such abandon it will be here sooner than you think.

– Julian.

PS. This is one of my favourite TEDx talks by Satish Kumar

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