Never forget

Never forget: life is precious — unique in so many ways.

But of course, culturally (sadly) everything is or has become denuded of soul, spirit and the sanctity of life. In short, and not because I said so, but it’s become denuded of meaning.

Then again, I’m not you, and I can’t possibly know the orbit of your experience but, even allowing for the pandemic, I feel, almost on a daily basis, that we’re looking for the extraordinary, even the magical to lift us up, whereas, perhaps, the real juice of life is to be found in the mundane, the things that hitherto we’ve come to regard as stayed, boring or downright tedious.

What if we approached each day not just with the mindset of ‘this could be my last’ but knowing that it is? And more to the point, if you’re lucky you’re healthy — at least you’re not down to your last breath.

Imagine it.

Sit with it.

Live it.

What would you do? How would you spend the time? I imagine but don’t (yet) know, the little things might become extraordinarily important.

I know, it all sounds so hackneyed but then again, as I’ve discovered at great cost, if we’re not careful life can disappear quicker than we ever appreciate it — and that includes the memories of those no longer here.



Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash