Never ignore the little things

“Higher purpose is a strange and dangerous thing.”
— Michael E. Gerber

Kindness, friendship, thoughtfulness, listening, silence and truth-telling are too easily taken for granted.

I wonder why that it is?

The thing is, if we’re not careful, without daily action — and not the contrived type — they or us quickly and without fanfare quickly wither. In other words, they need to become a practice, in the same way that we brush our teeth, meditate or follow a well-worn habit.

And it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Something done without noise and flag-waving is the best type.

Of course, some people have made a business of helping us to remember that it’s the little big things that make up life, not 7 Habits or grand plans and that’s fine but you don’t need someone else to tell you what to, or at least I hope that’s not the case.

Even something like saying “Good morning”, as cheesy as it might sound, can make someone’s day. Or better still, shutting up and not interrupting. I don’t know where I read it but the average doctor interrupts every 17 seconds. If you can check yourself before you’re inclined to interrupt, even if you think you can add to the conversation or make a well-timed point, it’s surely worth trying.

But, hey, what do I know? Perhaps we all need a wake-up call from time to time and if attending a workshop or the like does it for you, then fine as it goes. Likewise, if you’re an avid reader you might find a new book that really floats your little big things boat.

In the end, as I say always, how you live your life is how you live your life, and although there’s always a heated debate to be had about free will and choice, if you’re drawn to be kinder et al. then that’s where you’ll place your attention. If you’re not, then you’ll spend your time (I’d wager) thinking more about yourself than other people.

Anyhow, I’m off to find some decent coffee, finish off a few legal things and read Mary Oliver’s book, Long Life.



Photo by Dimitri Kolpakov on Unsplash