No, no, no

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

If you want to make changes in 2019, then you need to stop doing the same stupid thing over and over.

Sure, you might adopt a slew of new tactics and buy yourself a lovely new Moleskin to record your new regime but saying no is a much better foil to your weak-willed, do-the-same stuff persona that, to date, has left you feeling drained at your lack of meaningful progress…in life or anything else.

I should know: too often I’ve given in to the need to please people or I’ve bitten off a big project (with the best of intentions) only to be defeated on the horns of, well…, I’m not entirely sure but probably my stupid ego that thinks it can do everything but in the end does very little.


Go on.

Say it.


And say it loudly or at least in a way that you start to believe that, if acted upon, you can turn your life around.

If this looks a bit canned then I make no apology for saying that simply reading this blog will make no difference unless you begin to feel the sense of empowerment that comes from actually saying no to someone or something that you know is going to drag you down another, life-sapping rabbit hole.

That doesn’t mean, either, you should aim for the short-term fix.

Instead, think about the one thing that if done or acted upon would make the biggest difference in your life.

If you dare — and you might find it painful — go back over 2018 and see where you might have said no to something that would have enabled you to do something better with your time. I can think of a few things not least the need to cut back on social media a lot sooner than was the case.

Truth is, and you hardly need me to tell you, social media is a major distraction and there’s nothing to play for, really. The same could be said for pointless meetings, or stale arguments or the endless demands your family puts upon you to play by the collective rules. Whilst I’m not advocating that you ostracise yourself, neither do you have to feel compelled to go to every gathering to keep the peace.

I should just add that having studied my fair share of successful types either in business, the creative space or sport, one thing that marks them out is their singular focus and that means saying no more than others (I suspect) think is prudent or wise.

For the record, it’s my intention this year to follow my own bloody advice and to stop recording things I’m going to do but instead to report on things I’ve actually done.

And no will be my primary weapon to make sure I can finally say I’m a starter and a finisher.



Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash