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No one cares about your Service

Does your service Rock?

[E]xcept you.

This is something that Seth Godin has been saying for some time.

Your clients don’t care about your service. They just want an outcome, and one that is certain.

You would like to believe it otherwise. And no doubt you can refer to your loyal clients, some of which have instructed you for generations. But these types of clients are in decline. The internet has seen to that as well as [y]our preoccupation with price.

You can wax lyrical about your value laden service but, if the out of town supermarket is anything to go buy, it didn’t take us long to work out what we preferred.

Clients only care about one thing: ‘Me’, ‘Me’, ‘Me’, ‘Me’ (you will see Seth saying this in the video attached above).

Are clients really that interested in your news, the latest promotion or your listing in one directory or another?

Social media doesn’t help.

If anything it is a distraction.

Instead, firms would be much better off practising Managing by Wandering About (MBWA) (see In Search of Excellence by Messrs Peters and Waterman Jnr). In short, staying close[r] to your clients; being close to the action; showing genuine interest without a price tag being attached; and providing a Remarkable service.

Next time you have to produce material for your firm’s website, local advertising or printed material, make sure you focus on what your clients really, really want and not just what you want to say.

As I said in yesterday’s post, you have to earn attention. People have to be motivated to talk about you to others, otherwise you simply will not scale your efforts. Yes, you might have acquired 1000 followers on Twitter but what does that mean?


Why your firm as opposed to another?

Why your service?

Do you pop or rock the house with your service? Sure it’s energetic language but the way you describe things makes it sound like every other firm “We offer a full range of legal services with the added value of [insert]”. Hardly mind-blowing.

The most interesting people are the ones most interested in you. Apply that analogy to your clients (at least to begin with) and you won’t go far wrong.

 ~ Julian Summerhayes ~

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