One life

Time waits for no man…or so the saying goes.

And it sure isn’t hanging around for me or my family.

I only have to look up from my desk at home to see a picture of my three girls, taken about 14 years ago, to realise how they and everyone else has changed.

This passing of time hasn’t made me much wiser though. If it had I’m sure I’d be a different person. No, I don’t mean more comfortable in my own skin but I’d have found an outlet — a proper outlet — for all my angst.

If anything the situation is getting worse by dint of my emotional state when thinking about the state of the world and everything we’ve done to it and continue to do so.

In one sense that’s fine. I mean, don’t we all need something to pursue, to keep our engines revving and to know, if done right, we might make a small difference?

Too often we live our lives forward. Goals, lists and “…when I get around to it”.


What’s so wrong with now?

I’ve been there. At one stage, I wrote out a set of 20 years goals. Mind you, I was only 19 at the time.

Instead, why don’t we see our death as a way to inform our lives? Not to rush through it hoping for a quick, pain-free death, but to ask ourselves, given this magic gift, what are we supposed to do with it knowing that it’s not an inexhaustible river?

I’m 52 this year. I don’t know how long I’ve got. Hopefully a few years yet but I know that waking up each day is not something to be taken lightly, less still the fact that I’m still possessed of the need to speak my truth.

All of us take too much for granted. Life is no exception. But just think about the last decade. You know how quickly that’s gone, and in that space, there is no time like the present not to pursue another ‘all you can be’ model of yourself but to inquire deeply of your soul.