One small step

No, not me trying to remember the immortal lines of one Neil Armstrong, but rather how I feel right now about the progress of my blog, social media presence and a viable business for personal development, coaching and leadership.

I know I should have reigned in some of my possibly, desperate, longing to make things happen – I know it is a weakness of mine to want to run before I can walk (is that so bad?) – but I really do feel, having examined some of the US companies (I haven’t yet come across much in the UK hence my desire to get cracking on things), that there is an opening in the market, particularly focused around the professional services sector.

I am not trying to set myself up as training company per se and I clearly need to be mindful of my responsibilities during normal working hours (hence another post at past 10pm) but I can see the two operating successfully; and also looking at some sort of affiliate programme. Happy days to come I feel.

I need to arrive at a concept that involves all my ideas – and not something that is initially distilled down to a set of numbers: the x thing of successful people (this is in no way a slight at Dr Covey whose works I admire greatly); and I am sure there is some very important psychology around this but for the life of me I don’t see how you can distil a series of ideas and concepts to 5, 10 or 20 key points.

An inspirational and focused concept that works is what matters and getting to the core of the subconscious is key for me.

One of the first subject areas that I want to comment upon is to look at a few of the key business leaders who have dealt with change in their personal and professional lives. I don’t want to map or list their discrete skills (if indeed I can do that without interviewing them – fat chance with my time commitment) and then say that if only we all had those then we could all rise to the same level or have the potential to do so but rather provide some pointers to enable everyone to consider how they might achieve their absolute full potential and living truly fulfilled lives (I hope I can differentiate the two).

It may well be that these are not the right people and actually meeting with people in the local community who have succeeded with a project of whatever description can give me the material or some of it to start going on this. If you think all of this sounds familiar or worse still I am reinventing the wheel I would welcome your comments. This does sound a bit like the life’s works of Napoleon Hill but you have to make a start somewhere.

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