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Open loops

I wrote yesterday about the need to focus from the bottom up.

The simple point: if we can open a path to thinking more clearly and acting then we will, in time, let go sufficiently to dream, and consider what we (really) want out of life.

Hopefully you are all familiar with the concept of open loops. They manifest with a lot of that internal chatter telling you over and over what you need to do or haven’t done.

I know it’s Saturday, but if you can find time today or tomorrow, rather than ‘thinking’ about all the things you have on your plate, I would suggest that you find a quiet space and start writing down all the things that are on your mind.

It doesn’t matter that, at this stage, everything is jumbled up – a list is a list.

The point is you want to get everything out of your head and down on paper. To be clear it doesn’t really matter if you use a pen and paper or electronic system, just make sure that you get everything out of your head.

I’m not going to say much more for now save that you will be amazed at the amount of detail you are storing in your mind. Frankly, I would be surprised if you weren’t surprised.

This post and yesterday’s isn’t expressly written for you to find time in your life to do other stuff – how paradoxical would that be? No, what I am building towards is a system that you can apply to not only make more of your day but also frees you to start looking at some of the bigger issues (Why am I here? – now that is profound) that you have either talked endlessly about but done nothing to address or you fear to embrace for fear you will lose what you have (sometimes we have to let go if we want to grow…).

Don’t worry if you need to do this over a few days or even a week. The trick is to get everything out of your mind that is on your mind.

… [A]nd so the journey begins

– JS

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