Our comfort zone

Such tame verse.

That’s how I feel about my writing.

Forget the profanity. That’s just for show — ha bloody ha. No, I mean the sort of writing that brings you up short, and you have to think long and hard what’s being said. If it’s not that way, it cuts out the detritus and gets down to business in a very few words.

Bukowski nailed it. He said if words weren’t replete with ‘juice’ then it was all a sham — I paraphrase.

I know why.

We live a life of conformity; we’re desperate to fit in.

Sure, I didn’t have middle-class roots but that’s what I’ve defaulted to. Being all grown up and on my best behaviour.

For what?

To see out my life circumscribed by my fear of not upsetting anyone?

I don’t know.

In truth, all I want to know is that whatever gifts I’ve been bestowed by the gods, I don’t piss them away doing work that doesn’t matter.

And you?

What is it that lights up your life?

Take care.


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