pass along, please!

Social media is bloody hard to scale.

Don’t be distracted by the 3rd level connections on LinkedIn – that counts for nought.

You are earnest in your endeavours.

You go niche.

You seem obliging, and embrace the Givers mentality for all it’s worth.

And then you go Hell for Leather to attract attention:

“Look at me.”

But, sooner (hopefully), rather than later, you realise that the same people (your close fans) who are in love with you are unlikely to be the people you want to reach.

Some people resort to bugging the crap out of their followers, but, in case you haven’t realised, that is antithetical to the paradigm that you are so keen to proselytise. You may not care a fig, and that is fine if you use social for social reasons, but most – no make that everyone – uses social to develop their business.

If you are expecting to scale social media then the only thing that will enable you grow and leverage your intellectual capital is to create remarkable content. And I don’t mean the normal marketing ‘sizzle’ but rather the sort of material that is focused on earning attention and differentiating your presence in the market.

A manifesto is a good place to start (have a look at the ChangeThis site) and so is free content which has import.

Pass it along, aka your idea going viral, does work but only if you create something worth passing on.

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