Passing a nice quiet time

All my life I’ve wrestled with one thing or another.

It’s been and still is exhausting.

One day, perhaps, I might be able to (or be forced to) reign it all in and…


And pass a nice quiet time watching the day unfold.

No, I’m not talking about retirement or the endings of all endings but a time where my inner strife abates and I can, much like nature, simply be.

Does that sound a bit soppy or defeatest?

I’m not sure. And that’s the truth.

I mean, for all my prognostications, exhortation and shit-stirring, nothing’s changed. Nothing at all really. It all feels as woeful as the early days when I was trying to change the status quo at work and then latterly the hegemony of legal practice, premised as it is on that pernicious Profit Per Equity diatribe, rather than something more uplifting of the soul.

As part of my coveted easiness with life, I’m also wondering if sooner rather than later it’s time to pull the plug on or at least not appear online? It’s not that I can’t say it’s been lovely and nourishing, but I wonder if there’s a tendency to be distracted from the real work in our waning years?

You might ask why am I sharing this insight? I don’t know. But then again, I’ve nowhere else to turn to share my musings on a life well-lived, given, I’m sure, that those closest to me are already sick to the back teeth of my excoriation of everything and anything in the world that rubs me up the wrong way.

…just slip away.


Easiness, quiet and doing as little as possible seems, at times, much more appealing than another round of speaking into the abyss of our anthropocentric world only to hear nothing on the other end.

Have a lovely day.

Much love,

Ju. berdar_trista