Well being

Quietmusic (and more)

I’ve listened to Nick Francis for well over a year, first on Mixcloud and then through his premium service ($5 a month) on Soundcloud.

Below is this week’s free listen, and, whatever the platform, I can guarantee that you will enjoy the mix.

I’m an avid music consumer, and there isn’t a week that passes that I don’t find something new. More than that, it sets my mood, lifts my spirit and allows me to reflect on the moment.

I know in these days of music streaming that what Nick does may seem ordinary, but, trust me, even though I’ve never met or spoken to him, I get a deep sense of his love and passion for his craft.

But looking at the bigger picture, I think all of us could learn something from what he does:

  1. sticking to what we know
  2. doing something with love
  3. giving something away for free
  4. seeking honest feedback
  5. never giving up

OK, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s just music after all. But I sincerely believe that if we have a passion for something, even if there’s no obvious material gain, it’s our obligation to follow our heart. At least that’s the message I tell myself and my children. If you end up doing it just for the money, it doesn’t say much about (your) life.

Anyhow, enjoy the mix.

Quietmusic – August 31 (Hour 3 excerpt) by Nick Francis on Mixcloud