Renewal, Repair or Re-Decorate?

Your personal and professional growth is paramount.

As I have exhorted from time to time: “To have more you have to become more” (Jim Rohn).

The market demands that you have a career strategy. No longer will it be acceptable to be known for your Post Qualification Experience.

You need to stand out.

What exactly is your thing?

Your passion, dare I say lust, for your job has to extend beyond the technical skills – they are a given.

You need to buff up:

  • Your strategic listening skills;
  • Your creative magic;
  • Your smile factor – do you WOW people with your smile;
  • Your writing mindset;
  • Your leadership tool kit;
  • Your attitude to risk; and
  • Your USP.

Start now on cultivating a mindset for renewal, repair and re-decoration (I have given you these options but in reality you would be better off rebuilding parts of your learning and development).

Every day that you don’t meaningfully spend time on your career is a day you will never get back. Time waits for no man.

If you can’t face the music because you hate what you do then for God’s sake do something else. Life is too precious to waste doing something that makes you unhappy. And don’t give me that “I have to pay the bills stuff”. Just imagine that someone – a fairy Godmother if you must – told you that all your money worries would be taken care of if you just did the one thing that would make you happy personally or professionally. I can bet you wouldn’t be doing the same thing as you are doing now. So what’ stopping you?

And be bold – great things happen.

Don’t think in terms of 1% better bur rather think Re-Invention.

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