Resistance to Change

“You must become who you are.”


What’s standing in your way from change?

No, it’s not fear.

It’s you.

Every day is an opportunity for us to grow, learn and expand our horizons. Yet, we cling on to what we have in the hope that things will get better or no worse; but, in doing so, we cede our ‘power’ to someone or something else, and remain stuck.

The inner voice (Resistance) is your anchor to the past or an uncertain future. No amount of advice from gurus will really change you, no matter how powerful the voice. And neither do you need self-talk.

No, you need to act – one small action at a time.

Each day is a new awakening. Treat it as a birthplace, not as somewhere to die. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just act. You will never be ready or fully prepared.

Whatever it is you want or to become, ask yourself what is the smallest possible effort you can make each day to build in the direction of the overall aim?

If this sounds similar to the ‘any journey begins with a single step’ then you wouldn’t be far wrong. But there is no other way when you have told yourself day after day that you will change and nothing happens.

Self-actualisation is a journey, not a destination.

No doubt, along the way, you will meet with disappointment, loss and grief, but, as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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