I’m not sure what I’m doing these days and so it seems a tad pretentious to be offering my services. But, hey, if you’re really desperate to find a pragmatic, unstuffy lawyer who you think can dig you out another hole or you just need to pick my legal brains then go right ahead and call or send me a message — details below.

As to what else I might be embarked upon, well it’s early days, but I have in mind to start a series of virtual campfire sessions (they’ll be offered on a ‘pay what you think it’s worth basis’) to chew the fat and explore how we might bring about the end of the Anthropocene. If that sounds a bit too highfalutin or grand, let’s just say that I’ll prime the discussion in finding a question that’s worth our time.

Finally, I’m always game for a bit of podcasting or speaking but I don’t suspect, particularly given my views on antinatalism or ecology, that I’ll have many takers but you never know.

Contact info:

mobile: +44 (0)7588 815384 or email for further details.

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