Seth Godin – thinking backwards

I shared this video (see below) on Twitter, but if you missed the Tweet, or haven’t seen it before, then I recommend you watch Seth’s talk delivered at Creative Mornings.

I love the message about doing small things, even if you have do so outside of cubicle land.

Once you’ve watched the video — you may want to take a few notes — then you need to consider what you’re going to do next.

Please don’t mark it off as another Seth video watched. It’s too important for that. Instead, go make a plan. Not the normal behemoth but one that fits on a business card that you can carry about with you – ideally if you can stick to one thing then so much the better.

If you want change to happen, remember to look at that card every day and action the message. And please, ‘get better’ is not a strategy.

Shipping more.

Now that’s winner.

Or creating art.

Even better.

Thanks Seth