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When I first started to share content, the response, by-and-large, was positive.

I don’t just mean ‘positive’ in the sense of the right sort of comments. I mean… there was a response!

Increasingly, though, despite my best efforts to only share the best bits, the response has tailed off to a whimper.

Perhaps people have got fed up with my proclivity, but I think it more fundamental:

  1. They don’t have the time
  2. They have stopped showing up
  3. There is no business case to the material (there is only so many ways to say the same thing)
  4. People are bored with social media
  5. The content is dull.

As a consequence, it is unlikely that I will share very much in 2013. Instead, I will be focused on creating my content and sharing where appropriate.

It’s not that I am egotistical, but I can’t justify the time constantly looking for material and getting no feedback both from my followers and the authors.

Note: There are a few exceptions to this rule:

Julien Smith

Seth Godin

Tom Peters

And anything of significance, and not necessarily in my own purview.

Sorry if this goes against the social media grain, but I think it about time I tried something different.

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