Excellence Giving Happiness

Show appreciation …

For still being in the game.

For still having clients that are willing to instruct you.

For clients that love what you do.

For those that enable you to do your job.

And for those who get a thrill out of the stuff that bores you senseless.

The greatest thing you can do this time of year is to show some appreciation.

And I don’t mean the insincere, suck up version, but the thoughtful, action speaks louder than words type.

Make your Thank Yous count.

As this is the last day before Christmas, make it your business to show some appreciation.

Enjoy Christmas.

Treasure the time.

And don’t think about work. Life is too short.

I will be blogging again tomorrow but will then be taking time off on Christmas and Boxing day, and will see you back here again on the 27th December.

Peace and goodwill to everyone.




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