“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
― T.S. Eliot

Sadly, the idea of simplicity has been usurped by another fashion fad.

Then again, it’s just a word.

To my mind, it harks back to an extinct time when community, relationships and quiet time was everything, not as something to pursue but as something that lived deepest in our hearts.

Having spent a week away in Buckinghamshire and a bit of time in London, it was hard to see any evidence of a simple life. Everyone appeared committed to a life of more — more money, more complexity, more stress.


Because it’s the norm (now)?

Probably, but you don’t have to go back very far to realise its provenance is probably no more than a few decades old.

Far from me to castigate or pour scorn on anyone’s choice of life but imagine if we all rebelled and said:

“Enough. I have had enough of losing myself to work and the moral imperative to provide. I want to find me in all this sh*t.”

But we won’t. Instead, we’ll wait to be spoofed by a happiness or success elixir in the hope we can face another mind-numbing day of mostly bullsh*t work.

Trust me, I haven’t got this right. Sure, I may not have to endure a long commute, the vicissitudes of office life or keeping up with the Joneses but my life is way off beam where it should be if I want to return to the earth and create something more life-nourishing than the daily ritual that’s ensnared me for the last 30 years. But then again, even writing these sort of finger-wagging posts helps me work out where I want to be as the sun finally sets or my rather threadbare life.

In the meantime, not because I have to or am looking to be some new age guru, but it’s my intention to have another go at stripping my life of all unnecessary needs and wants and have a good clear out at home. And when I see clear out, I don’t just mean my physical environment, I also mean to face squarely my inner demons that have plagued me on and off for the last decade. And on this front, the only thing I need to do, much like going into the wilderness (which I’m inclined to do when the stress gets too much), is to sit with my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Nothing else.

Anyhow, have a wonderful Sunday.

Big love.


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash