Small steps

Go big or go home.

That’s the message of our time, surely.

And look at the mess it’s caused.

What if we were encouraged to leave a legacy that meant we left the world or our patch of land in no worse shape than when we arrived?

Can you see it?
Can you see it?
Can you see it?

It’s hard to imagine not least because as a species we’re incredibly needy and destructive.

Perhaps I’ve got it all wrong. Instead, we’ll find a way to geoengineer a better future, one that doesn’t need a living, breathing planet. Somehow I don’t see it unless that is you’re willing to accept that our earthly bodies are no longer necessary and in some huge Matrix-style experiment our collective intelligence can be subsumed within a mainframe computer.

I realise that this is hardly the sort of conversation that’s going to win you friends and influence people but at what stage do we realise that our current modus operandi is not only unsustainable but is killing us — slowly but very surely.

Of course if you believe the political class they think we can all have our cake and eat it and are prepared to gamble the future for now. And the horse they’ve saddled up is GROWTH — great gobs of growth.

Eejits the lot of them.

I’m often asked for an answer to the current malaise. I don’t have one other than (and it’s not said tongue-in-cheerk) to say¬†it’s too late on so many fronts. Oh, and the other glaring omission that we refuse to entertain is that the current population is simply too big and with a pro-natalism stance being the dominant narrative, we’ll simply drive our extinction even quicker than we’re already doing.

Pretty heavy stuff, right?

It sure seems that way.

And here was me thinking that as the Crown of Creation qua humans we’d be clever enough to know when to take our foot of the anthropocentric pedal.

Take care,


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash