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We get drawn into the thrill of growing our circle of connections. But when you stand back and look at the depth and level of connection, are you confident of doing business with each person?

Instead of focusing your ROI on the top line numbers, focus on the ROI.R i.e. the relationships (see Tom Peters’ book The Little Big Things┬áfor an excellent explanation of this concept).

This is not to encourage you to spam your connections with your latest offer or news, but rather to reach out to them and consider how you might assist.

In the book the Go-Giver┬áco-written by Bob Burg and John David Mann the fictional┬ácharacter Joe turns his (business) life round by adopting a helpful mindset as opposed to a ‘What I can take’ mindset. It does not connote of a push over but you have to see how you can help others (more) before you can expect people to think of you.

Don’t do what a lot people do and trade off of fear.

Or to try and postulate a position that you are the only one who has the necessary skill set. The internet has ameliorated your advantage.

Make an effort every week to reach out an engage with your connections across your various social media platforms. Don’t expect the generic blog post or two to resonate with many people. Better still pick up a phone. It is powerful beyond measure.

If you are not careful that competitive streak can distract you from the real business at hand, namely to engage and earn attention. It won’t come from bugging, begging or buying attention.

Connect with your connections as frequently and as meaningfully as you dare.

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