Social Media for Law Firms – Build It and They will Come

Before you spend any more time debating social media whether you are a partner, solicitor or in marketing/IT/HR/Business Development, consider WHY you think it appropriate for your business.

At the very least, before you engage have a simple plan built around inter alia:

  1. The internal communication of the firm (look at Best Buy if you want a great example);
  2. Extending your reach to new clients;
  3. Using your KM to educate, inform or discuss crucial or better still remarkable content;
  4. Marking a position for thought leadership;
  5. Building awareness of the brand;
  6. Driving income generation;
  7. Developing leads;
  8. Increasing the number of service lines.

I am finding more and more firms who seem to have established a ‘weak’ presence on various channels but it is clear that they have not given thought to the substantive nature of their engagement.

My message

Please stop hoping on the platforms unless you have worked out a clear programme or strategy for social media engagement.

Take away

Remember that people expect people to engage with (real) people. And unless there is a compelling reason for having a generic firm Twitter feed (like the original mail@[Firm].com email addresses), start allowing individuals to have their own Twitter feeds. By all means have a Social Media policy to cover the do’s and don’ts but don’t make it too prescriptive.

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