Social Media is not the end …

but the means (or only part thereof).

Don’t be fooled.

You are not in social media.

Even those people in social media are not in social media (or they shouldn’t think in those terms).

If you hang out in the space for too long, all you hear is Blah Blah social media (social media is still about the people not the technology!).

The early platform adopters think they are on to something but end up chasing their tails when they have too many platforms at their disposal.

The end game?

> To grow a sustainable business with a built in exit strategy?

You decide, but it isn’t to try and own a space, particularly where the platform is owned by someone else.

Whoops there goes another one ….!

The dream may have been fuelled by the reach of social media, but your best chance of making a bob (or dollar) or two is by meeting with and talking to people.

If you must get good at something, 140 characters is no substitute for listening, saying Thank You and adding value.


Look at the business plan. How are you doing? Do you need to scale back, for a while, on digital and speak face to face to more people? You may be surprised at the ROIR – return on investment in relationships.

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