Social Media: It’s ALL in the Objectives!

This subject is so anodyne, it almost beggars belief that I should feel the need to throw my hat in the ring.

But it still vexes me how few businesses have yet to work out why they have invested time, energy and insight into a business critical area without nailing down exactly what they want to achieve.

In a way, it’s the same sort of response I get when asking why have a website.

It’s the sideways stare ….”who wants to look stupid then” that gives the game away.

This isn’t about talking SMART goals or any of that guff, but just figuring out what you want to achieve.

[Simple to say, but hard as hell to execute around]

And please don’t default to the same languid response – brand awareness.

Just being on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and having a blog won’t do you or your business a jot of good without a focused approach to the people you are trying to reach or influence. A clear set of objectives that go to the heart of the Return on Investment. A meaningful strategy backed up with some heavy-hitting resources. And a focus on the platform(s) that you control – a website, blog and other dedicated media (self-hosted video).

Stop and focus.

Yes, I’m sure you are fed up with me using that pithy expression, but that’s exactly what you need to do.




If you don’t then you will end up doing more and more for less and less return.

Here are a few areas that you might want to consider. The important thing, as I have said before, is to align your business critical goals with your social media efforts.


Let’s debunk the myth that social shouldn’t have a price tag. If not, you’re wasting your time. How much revenue are you expecting to generate and over what period?

Who will resource your channels?

Who has the competence to work out if what you are doing is working, or an abject flop?

Are you clients or customers ready to be sold?

Do you understand the technographics well enough? If not, how will you uncover the necessary intelligence?

Customer/client support

You may already have this licked but there is a huge push in this direction. Are you ready to deal with your customers in this way?

Have you sorted out Twitter to deal with complaints or queries?

Do you have live chat enabled?

Are you using SMS?

What metrics are in place to measure the success of any roll out?

Human Resources

How much of the talent hiring budget is now being invested in social media?

What does your LinkedIn account look like?

Do you have a Facebook page dedicated at least in some way to recruitment?

Do you have a blog dedicated to the hiring and retention of graduates or staff?

Public Relations

Have you a policy to deal with:

  • negative comments on the brand?
  • clarifying an issue which has been misreported?
  • invalidate false rumours?
  • and add some fact to the fiction created on-line?

On-line reputation management needs to be measured actively. You can’t afford to leave things to chance, and you need to understand how you will deal with all eventualities or as many as you can predict.

Business Intelligence

Are you using a listening tool like Social Sprout?

Do you know what your customers are saying about you on-line?

Do you know what your competitors are up to?


How many customers or clients have come via one or other social media platform?

How are you managing SEO?

How do you share intelligence in your business?

What’s working and what’s not working?

How regularly are you updating the content?

Frankly, the list is endless. But hopefully you get the drift of where your time should be spent.

Yes it might be the most spoken about truism in the business world but that which gets measured gets done, and social media should be no different. Leaving it to chance or expecting someone else to pick up the slack just won’t do.

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