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“1. Human beings have a finite amount of attention.

You can’t watch everything, remember everything, or do everything. As the amount of noise in your life increases, the percentage of messages that get through inevitably decreases.”

Seth Godin, Permission Marketing, 1999

Snippets (in no particular order…)

Inbound marketing will overtake outbound.

You will have to get used to a market where everyone is socially enabled.

If you haven’t got something interesting to say, then no one will invest time in your platform.

Your culture is out of date when it comes to social media. CHANGE IT.

Your culture doesn’t fit with people who are already empowered – for a START they don’t need your permission to engage.

If you think you can control all the messaging (or even the bad news), you are deluded.

You can’t hide behind your lack of understanding. Pressing a few buttons doesn’t take intellect. It takes passion, and a recognition that change is heavy in the air.

The ‘Why’ isn’t essential to engagement; but if your values don’t chime with what people see or hear, no amount of deliriously brilliant ‘How’ (…we do IT differently round here) will enable you to build a following of brand zealots.

The ‘What’ is all around you.

You don’t have to be overtly social to be social but you sure better have an opinion: there are way too many people peddling the same, bland material.

Put a blank sheet of paper in front of you, and let your mind wander. You won’t be short of ideas.

Publishers know how to grow an audience. Marketeers need to understand that earning attention require blood, sweat and tears and not a bushel of platforms or gobs and gobs of irritating ads.

Think strategic by all means, but remember to cover the bases today. You can plan, and should do so but ‘real time’ isn’t on your time.

Calls to Action must mean something more than another boring download.

Sort out Google places. In time, your clients will be drawn to write a review; and that may be the difference between them venturing further or looking at the suggestions of Google for your nearest competitor.

If client service is your thing, what does it mean when you might, in time, spend less face time? Guarantees may come to define you more than you might like.

Me Inc. is just as important as Brand Big.

If you feel there is no boundary between the life of work and home, embrace it. Cherish the freedom rather than regale against the loss of tradition.

But… make time for those you love. Too many people have lost the art of communication and seem more intent on looking down, not forward.

If you have embraced the technology, start talking in language that is commonly understood.

Do something that scares you every day. That isn’t to say you put yourself so far in the line of sight you completely lose your nerve. But doing the same old, same old will lead you to insulate yourself against anyone or anything that challenges your narrow view.

MBWA (Managing by Wandering About) has a vital place inside and outside the firm, company, organisation.

Reach out an connect. Don’t just flog your material to death.

Blogging is for everyone. It doesn’t mean writing a prolix piece filled with clever key words, but writing from the heart. Passion trumps marketing guff every time.

You don’t need to be a World class writer to be a brilliant blogger, particularly if you are comfortable mixing things up with video, sound and images. Even Twitter might get you a few home runs.

Showing up, and not making excuses counts for more than you imagine.

Showing who you ARE, and not just what you stand for (in business) is part of the process.

Being on show doesn’t mean you have to show off.

Social Media is a long game. Plan accordingly.

Of course, there is more to life than a phone, tablet or computer. But your experience off-line needs a home and somewhere to reach the widest possible audience.

If all this seems like puffery, then make sure whatever you do you do it brilliantly and never give up. Persistence is your only route to success.

Have fun.

If you can’t laugh at your mistakes, then you will forever play it safe: fail faster in other words.

You may have two personalities – the dreamer (What if?) and the thinker (How do I?) – but don’t let your left brain sensibilities kill your nascent idea before it has a chance to work.

If you are feeling lost, then you are not alone.

Time is not on your side. If you wait for the perfect storm you will wait forever.


Life is what we make it. Right now, you have the most amazing tool set in the world. You don’t need permission. You don’t need a novel idea. You just need to be passionately engaged in something. The long tail of marketing now means you can build something of value even where the numbers don’t prima facie make commercial sense. Build a platform. Invest your love in the platform. And produce, produce, produce, all the time thinking how you will earn attention. If all you do is bug the hell out of people then you may gain the odd sale but it won’t last.

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