Social Media: The Feedback l-o-o-p

It sounds a cliché, but when was the last time you sought meaningful (… a big word I know) feedback, in whatever social space you are congregating?

Are any of these designed directly to elicit feedback?


“What’s happening?”


“Share an update”


“What’s on your mind?”

It may have passed me by but one of the themes that I constantly hear about is to use your fans, friendlies or connections as a means to engage, discuss ideas, seek inspiration and possibly to trade. Oh, and, I nearly forgot, some good old fashioned face time – possible using one of the above to kick-start the process. But where, using the above platforms, do they prompt you to consider feedback? Now being the semantic lawyer that I am, it is at least arguable that all of the above do, but, I think you will agree, it is not obvious.

Even a blog post does not normally start with the premise of feedback – most of the blogs that I subscribe to fall into status updates or musings about a lifestyle or business change that we need to make. You get comments, but is this the same as feedback?

Whatever the nature of your interest in the web, social media or emerging technologies, surely one of the overriding points to consider is using the media to shape and reshape your offering – by iteration or some sort of closed feedback loop – so that you understand what it is that your audience is seeking.

I would love to learn more from my “audience” (apologies if that sounds a little pompous) and yes I could do a survey but that feels so anodyne.

Perhaps I am missing something but I would be really – no REALLY – keen to understand how I can improve my social media *offering* and try to live up to my values, ideals and thinking which in a nutshell is to try to provide you with the most interesting, dynamic, thoughtful and, dare I say, remarkable content that I can.

If I am not living up to any of those – and you find yourself switching off – then TELL ME. Trust me, as long as you don’t use language that you wouldn’t use in front of your mother, I won’t be offended.

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