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Social Media: What have you got to lose?

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Can you imagine in the last decade being offered the above suite of web based tools for free?

Cast your mind back to when you first established a web presence or even the second incarnation of your website? My recollection is that the process was protracted, costly and it was hard to get people to understand the technology. Save the latter point none of those are apposite in the social media paradigm.

For me free means ‘Easy’. And therein, much like the (free) education debate, lies the problem. We don’t value something when it’s free. If it were otherwise every law firm would have embraced social media and put it at the heart of their marketing, brand development and strategic planning.

My message is a simple one: get over it. Stop prevaricating and adopt in abundance. Oh sure you will feel much more comfortable with a policy here, business plan there and some technical assistance but none of these are insuperable obstacles. No the biggest obstacle is You.

Stop coming up with excuses for your lack of adoption.

Time – well what else are you going to do?

Risk – put a social media policy in place.

Cost – nope that one doesn’t get off the ground.

IT skills – get some training.

Where would I start? LinkedIn is your best bet right now. The functionality is robust, more and more UK businesses are using it and it offers the opportunity to use a lot of your off-line material.

A word of caution though. This stuff – certainly the above platforms – are not going to stay free forever. Oh sure advertising will plug some of the revenue holes but my sense is that once the market becomes saturated then you will be so far in that it will be hard to climb off and you will be forced into paying. That being so (I could be wrong of course) then now is the time to leverage your firm’s capability.

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