speak your mind

imagine it
letting rip
of everything that shows up
rambling excursions of another kind.

but we don’t
we speak in shades of mediocrity
vacous, meaningless, empty
that slowly
suck our soul.

i’m not known for a relaxed
of view:
a pain in the arse by any other name;
it’s not because i’ve any-
thing to say
less still worthy of your universe
but i do know — as do you —
that today
could be
might be
should be
the last we’ll ever have.

and from that wide-
open space
what have i got to lose?

my life?

but being seen
and not heard
is a recipe for the stoics
the crypic crew
who play the long game
or at least a game
i’ll never understand.

speak up
stand up
show up.

you never know
where you might end


Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

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