Speaking up for nature

“Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshipping.” ― Hubert Reeves

It must be me.

But then again, perhaps I’m mixing in all the wrong circles: no one seems remotely interested in talking about the climate emergency, less still the extreme loss of biodiversity.

That’s the destruction of living things to you and me.

Why is that?

Because they’re not interested or if they are, they certainly don’t want to share their misgivings in my company. Or it’s more likely a case of not wanting to be troubled by anything that might make them think about their lifestyle, let alone make a seismic shift to something more restorative of the world.

Take something like flying. I’ve pushed back at work against all forms of travel; I’m happy to speak to people by Skype but I’m not travelling halfway around the world, no matter how much everyone thinks it will smooth the legal waters. And as for holidays, I honestly don’t see me ever flying again. Sure, I’m going to miss out on going to New Zealand and other amazing places, but then again, I feel that my own country offers just as much; I just need to get out there on foot and explore.

Sadly, without trying to position myself as some holier than though apostle, I am, once again, a lone voice. Everyone seems quite content to fly to the next bucket-list destination. I dare not ask them the environmental cost less still if they’d built into their ticket any paltry carbon offset arrangement. I already know the answer.

But it’s not just flying. It’s all aspects of our lives. Sure, we know we need to do something, but an emergency it isn’t. Nope. People are more aware but they’re very unlikely to change their ways.

Oh dear. Oh dear.

And where will that leave us?

Up sh*t creek, I’m afraid to say.

It’s like we’re on a mission to self destruct.

No, no. I’m deadly serious. If we really stopped to think through the consequences of our actions we sure as hell wouldn’t be talking about GDP, jobs and (in the UK) Brexit.

There’s something missing, surely?

A deep soulful connection to the earth. Yep, sadly, our lifestyle mitigates completely from feeling any of this. I mean, if we really did depend on the land, the seas and the air for our livelihoods, we wouldn’t be crapping in our back gardens. We preserve everything at all cost as otherwise we’d hasten our eventual demise. But instead we mediate everything through the God of consumption: if we can have, then we’re going to have it.

Quite where we go from here I’m not sure. I’m certainly not going to go quietly on my way, even if I make people uncomfortable. As I’ve said many times to my wife, when she chides me for launching myself into a must-do project, I’ve no choice, particularly when there’s no voice for nature. Think about it. We talk about human rights, but not the rights of the whales, fish, trees and insects that are being murdered in their billions.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Photo by Jason Ortego on Unsplash

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