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Google has announced that it’s killing off its RSS service, Google Reader. I’m sure something will come along to replace it.

If you do maintain a blog, I would consider adding adding a email sign up (see the blogs of Seth Godin, Fred Wilson and Chris Brogan who all have this facility) to make sure you keep your readership.

I suspect, though, you don’t have a blog.

Remember, blogging is free. If you get good at it, it will not only provide you with a business opportunity, but it could just change your life forever.

I know time is in short supply, but if you’re passionate about anything, then please start a blog. Don’t worry if you know nothing about WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or Tumblr. Someone else does. Or if you want to go the DIY route, then, with a patient, methodical approach, you will get there.

The point is that the best blogs are not the most shiny.

Paul Graham‘s blog seems positively ancient but is widely read.

Steve Pavlina‘s has an old WordPress style theme but that doesn’t stop him getting millions to read his content.

Start a blog today.

And write, write, write.

And just keep writing.

If you have heard me talk about keywords, Search Engine Optimisation, style and editorial calendars, these are all nice to have things but they’re not essential (at this stage).

The most important thing is to start and don’t stop.

In time you will find your voice, audience and what works for you.

Please bear in mind that the long tail of opportunity means that, even if you have the most obscure taste in the world, chances are there exists a Tribe of people waiting to hear from you.

For me blogging has been a wonderful journey. And has opened up more opportunities and connections than I ever thought possible.

I can’t see me ever stopping.

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