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“I’m being destroyed by too much thought, too many notions, too many oracles, too many dictates, too many laws, too many dos and don’ts. I’m being destroyed by too many empires and wars, and tyrannies of the mind, too many idols.”

Ben Okri

How often have stared at a blank sheet of paper,

and waited?

Waited for:

– someone to tell you what to do?

– to follow a script?

– to mindlessly act?

Or, used the exercise as a way of finding out who you are?

As humans we love to chew on a problem; but just imagine a mind with nothing to think about.

What could you achieve?

Too often we think we have no choice, but that is part of the programming.

I have no doubt that you will think me on a frolic of my own to suggest that you do nothing (on a Monday!) but, once you have dispatched your most important things, try spending 15 minutes with nothing more than a blank sheet of paper, and see what happens.

Note: this is not an exercise designed to create another To Do List.

You might want to start a journal to record more than just one day’s worth of thinking; but the point of the exercise is to go into free-form thinking mode, and write whatever comes into your mind, even if it is the word “nothing.”

You will be amazed, particularly if you repeat this exercise every day, what starts to develop. Not only will you come to appreciate what is really going in your mind (that bloody voice) but you will take a much clearer view on the long form of your life.

At heart, we are all (creative) entrepreneurs and that doesn’t mean living inside a vacuum where we repeat the same thing over and over.

We need variety.

We need change.

And starting with a blank sheet of paper can often be the key that unlocks that creative mind.

[This form of exercise, particularly, if you don’t start out with any one goal will both liberate your thinking and enable you to be much more focused in what you do.]

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