Staying curious (to the end …)

This Seth Godin video is all I need to say, but …

[B]eing curious is a mixture of intrigue, fear, longing, passion and love.

How much of your life have you devoted to doing something for the sake of it?

A career?

Same old(ish).

Life is an exploration not painting by numbers.

And once you climb into your comfort blanket, it is hard to escape to another place.

My advice, the moment you feel that you have repeatedly done the same thing for more than 10 days in a row, is the time to get out and explore.

See some new people.

Sit, watch and listen.

And engage.

If you hang around dull people then you shall become dull.

Hang out with some interesting folk, and thou shall become more interesting.

Staying curious is not some box to tick off on a life plan.

It is life.

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