Staying curious

Staying curious isn’t to be underestimated.

If you ask someone if they’re curious, the reply is always in the affirmative.

But are they (or us)?

One of the traits of someone who is curious is to see something how it could be, not how it is.

Is that the way you see life?

Moreover, curious people aren’t afraid to fail or look stupid.

But, perhaps most of all, it’s the zest for life and living that sets them apart. The thing is if you’re not exploring – a seeker in the broadest sense – then you’re slowly dying.

Perhaps it is that I fit my archetype, but all I know is that staying curious is the greatest gift of my soul. I can’t imagine a life where I wasn’t learning, seeking out the new, weird, difficult, inspiring and beautiful.

Make curiosity your best friend.

You never know where it might lead.

Below is an old video of Seth Godin talking on the subject.

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