Staying open to the moment


I know, it sounds so terribly contrived and not altogether a little woo-woo.

But then again, do we have a choice?

The moment that is.


Now is now and yet rarely, even in or especially in our most mindful state, do we inhabit the full enormity of it.

Yes, I know it’s been said before — many times, I’ve no doubt — but once in a wee while we’d do well to check in with our sense-making ‘self’ and ask or invite our thinking mind a better question than:

“What’s next on my list?”

OK, perhaps I don’t know if the foregoing is how you operate, but I do, or certainly I operate in that way when I feel under pressure to get shit done and push on through.

For me, if I needed any balm or tonic to soothe my proclivity for doing and being drawn out of the enormity of the moment, it’s nature. Indeed, only yesterday did I find myself driving across Dartmoor to reconnect with a few memories from childhood. I’ll be honest, part of me just wanted to lie down and let everything wash over me but I wasn’t feeling quite that whimsical, and technically I was on work time.

As I’ve remarked before though, why am I telling you any of this? How is it relevant to you and the way you live your life? I don’t know. It’s not like I’m selling something and I’m very low key when it comes to instruction — I’m a libertarian at heart. However, if there’s anything in my words, it’s simply this: we’re all in this together, suffering under the weight of our self-imposed expectation and just once in heady while it’s good to remind ourselves that perhaps this earthly body and the way we live is merely a temporary waystation between our culturally-endorsed birth and whatever is waiting, eternal or otherwise, on the other side of mortality.

Until the next time.

Take care.

Much love,

 — JS.